Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Somewhere in the middle of all our rainy weather we had a really nice warm day! So nice that we set up a pool for the kids! They loved it. They got to swim while we shoveled dirt!! I loved it because they could play in the dirt and clean off in the pool! Perfect!

Genevieve gave us a big scare about a week ago. She slept in late, so I went to check on her and she was laying in her crib but was literally white everywhere-lips, face, hands. I picked up her and she was breathing and awake but very lethargic. We rushed to the Dr. and luckily on the car ride over her color started to come back. At the Dr. she let them touch her all over, lay her down, finger pokes, and she didn't care, she just sat there. Not normal Eve behavior at the Dr.'s office. After a lot of tests all they found was an ear infection...needless to say I am watching her closely, and am still uneasy about the Dr.'s visit (I'm happy they found nothing, but I have some unanswered question, mainly "why did she turn white"), she seems fine and she has a check up in a week or so.
Genevieve and Cade loved it though, because Eve got all the popsicles and juice she wanted and of course Cade did too!

Planting flowers with Grandma

Great Grandma's 75 birthday party! (My kids have very good genes)

Playing with Caitlyn at the party

I didn't feel so well this last weekend, so while I laid downstairs, this is what Cade and his dad did...

For my birthday all I wanted to do was take the kids to the MN zoo so Cade could finally see the new grizzly bears. We did and they both loved it.

She likes every animal, but show her a pig (any type, any size) and she'll scream, "no no no"...weird...

Even Bri got to join us which was fabulous! The kids loved having her there, Eve couldn't stop saying, "Brianna, brianna", which sound more like "B-nana"


modmom said...

beautiful pictures!
what kind of camera do you use?