Thursday, August 30, 2007

this has nothing to do with my kids...

Two things this week that have just made me smile.


I can't leave the kids out completely...
Genevieve got her first tooth on Sunday. This makes me smile as well!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a week at home

We bought Cade a swing set last week and he loves it. I wasn't sure he'd be able to do the swings without a back, but he figured it out right away.

Lunch time with Cade and Eve involves lots of faces.

While at dinner time, Eve usually gets to flirt with Grandpa.

About a week ago we had a bad storm and had to get the kids out of bed. The power went out so we all sat around with candles and flashlights. Cade got his out that nite too, along with his firemans hat. As soon as he got up the next morning he had to get them again, even though the power was back on.

Eve fell asleep for a long time on her hand...

The kids at work at the house.

Now that Eve is getting more mobile she sometimes gets herself stuck.

Cade loves that Eve is moving around more, I think he thinks he'll be able to do this more and more...

More new tricks-

The first time she pulled herself up she instantly let go and stood for a long time!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

where do they learn this stuff...

Yesterday I had to take Cade to Urgent Care. He had a temp. that was averaging around 102.8. It turns out he has an ear infection in both ears and strep throat. However, since we had to go to Urgent Care we were quoted that the wait would be about 2 hours, so I packed everything I could think of that would keep him busy. Andrew got off work early to make sure Cade was ok and to sit with us at the doctor's office. After about an hour and a half of staying fairly still and entertained, Cade began to get restless, so Andrew got up and walked him around. We were seated right next to the eye clinic so they walked in to look at the glasses and checked out the rest of the building. Andrew and Cade came back, and Cade was just slowly wandering by himself. He started to go slowly into the eye clinic, he turned around and looked at both of us for the "ok" or "the denial", I told him "no" and to come back, but he just stood there. So then I said "Cade, back up, back up, back up". Which always prompts him to walk backwards towards us. But as I said it Cade started to say, "back up back up back up", he then turned around, faced us, and walked backwards into the eye clinic.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

No, this is not a repeat...

Last week we went to the zoo, again! Can you ever have too much zoo?
Jim, Abby, Joe, and Great Grandma came down for a long weekend. We had a nice cookout on Sunday with them.

Helping Joe carry water to boil the corn.

Why are you over there mommy?...

Cade's favorite game, "here comes the bee from the barn to the house to get you!" until later that day a bee actually got him three times.

Eve watching the goats at the zoo.

Cade did lots of things he never would do before at the zoo...

Pet the goats...

Go through all the big dark tunnels...

Ride the Monorail. (Actually we don't do that because I'm too cheap!)

Grandma had to put Eve's toes in the fountain

How Cade eats broccoli

Eve got a new trick this week

She finally got a new sound!!