Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a week at home

We bought Cade a swing set last week and he loves it. I wasn't sure he'd be able to do the swings without a back, but he figured it out right away.

Lunch time with Cade and Eve involves lots of faces.

While at dinner time, Eve usually gets to flirt with Grandpa.

About a week ago we had a bad storm and had to get the kids out of bed. The power went out so we all sat around with candles and flashlights. Cade got his out that nite too, along with his firemans hat. As soon as he got up the next morning he had to get them again, even though the power was back on.

Eve fell asleep for a long time on her hand...

The kids at work at the house.

Now that Eve is getting more mobile she sometimes gets herself stuck.

Cade loves that Eve is moving around more, I think he thinks he'll be able to do this more and more...

More new tricks-

The first time she pulled herself up she instantly let go and stood for a long time!