Friday, October 17, 2008


So we've been hiding a bit, that is because all I do is make the kids work, especially Cade, and there is no fun taking picture of that!
He rakes leaves:

Teaches Eve yoga:

Styles her hair:

And puts her down for naps:

We still have Trash, he weighs about 70lbs now, and still growing...

Cade had said to Eve that her and the scarecrows hair matches, now she calls the scarecrow, "Eve".

A favorite sitting place.

Building whatever he can dream up for the day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, yesterday our little boy had his first day of preschool! Cade and I get to go together (he starts "real" preschool after Christmas). We play, eat, sing, read, and then Cade gets to have "class" while I get to go hang out with the other moms. Genevieve comes too. She gets to play for a few hours in the sibling room. Really, I'm not too sure what she does, because once I leave I know if she sees me again she wouldn't want to stay in the room! But there are lots of babies in the room and she loves babies.

Jump all the way back to the beginning of September...We went to the cabin for Cade's birthday party. Almost everyone made it up for a day of swimming, boating, relaxing, and of course, chips.

Cade soaked uncle Michael by the end of the day.

Plotting something...

Complete present madness..

Cade got a fishing pole from Grandma and Grandpa S, and no kidding, in about 10 minutes he was casting farther than Andrew.

A few weeks ago, Chris and I left our families behind and headed to VEGAS for 5 days. She won the trip, the room, and a Cher all we had to do was figure out how to eat and drink for cheap. We succeeded, we ate very well and cheap and basically drank for free (just lost a few dollars on the penny slots!). It was hot, and probably a day too long, but we had a fantastic time!

Oh yeah, I even got to meet my 6th grade dream boyfriend...(I know, I've always wanted a sugar daddy I guess...) Donny Osmond.

Last weekend all the cousins headed to Apple Jack orchards. Cade and Eve each went on their first horse rides! They loved it. They also got to ride on a cow train, a tractor, get lost in a huge corn maze, and gorge in the orchard on apples and raspberries. The next day Chris May and Neil took us to the Renaissance Festival...It was interesting!...We almost rode an elephant but the kids were so tired from the day before that they wouldn't have enjoyed it. But we watched a magic show and just had fun people watching!