Tuesday, June 26, 2007

we had kids so we'd have a painting crew

we started siding and trim this past weekend. we will be caulking and painting as we go so one job doesn't get overwhelming. i am so excited to lay down a coat of "iron ore" on the siding to see how black, err...dark gray, our house is really going to be!

This photo is for Jay.

I counted 11 chicks with 2 hens! Suprisingly these little babies can fly already!

Cade, while waiting for me to finish dinner, got his toy plate, cup, and spoon, buckled himself into his chair and pretended to eat. I felt bad and gave him some water and fresh peas.

Playing is so hard...

So is relaxing...

Last Thursday, Eve got a new trick.

I just sat her on the floor and she had it. She is now only happy if she is sitting up!

The Wonder Horse!

How to call a cat

Thank god we have the nicest cat in the world. She puts up with anything from the kids and still loves them and wants to be near them.

If I can sit, I can golf, right?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthdays and Baptisms

We've had two busy weekends in a row.

Thea, Rob, and Matt came to visit.

I turned another year older, and I'll continue to stay behind the camera.

At one point I set the camera down-When I uploaded my photos I found this-

Thanks James!

Cade, who has mastered the somersault, has yet to figure out how to log roll down a hill.

Chris attempted to teach him.

He also had fun playing with Jilly and Neil.

Cade got his first popsicle. Most of it ended up on this stomach.

He also found the best toy ever. Trucks that dump and scoop all by themselves!

House progress was made:

Skylights were installed.

The plumbing went in our house and the electrical work has been started.

Unfortunately this is our electrician...

He and his motorcycle decided to take on a deer.

The list of injured people in our family is stacking up, here are two more:

Knee surgery. Torn tendon.

And of course Andrew:

At least he can still play croquet, otherwise he might not know what to do with his time...

Eve's Godparent's, Michael and Brianna.

Genevieve was baptisted on Father's Day along with her second cousin Kaitlyn. Unfortunately I lost my camera for most the day so I have no pictures of Kaitlyn. (They are about 2 months apart)

She got past around to everyone!

A tree from her Godmother!!

Cade has a blast all weekend. He played in the pool...

Ate lots of cake...

And played with other kids!

Finally relaxing after our busy weekends!

At some point during this time the kids and I got terrible colds, but everything has been going so fast we've barely had time to notice!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Pools, Drums, and Knees

Basically Cade is happy so long as he is outside, he is even happier if he has his drum sticks, he is happier still if Jillian is over, and he is happiest if he is in the pool with Jillian and his drum sticks! Cade has had a good week!

Eve takes it all in!

On Sunday Andrew injured his knee during soccer (FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON!) We knew it was fairly bad, but found out today that he severed both his ACL and MCL and stretched or tore pretty much everything else in his knee. We have to wait about three months before the surgery for the stretched ligaments to tighten back up. Unfortunately Andrew will be on crutches for a long time.