Tuesday, June 26, 2007

we had kids so we'd have a painting crew

we started siding and trim this past weekend. we will be caulking and painting as we go so one job doesn't get overwhelming. i am so excited to lay down a coat of "iron ore" on the siding to see how black, err...dark gray, our house is really going to be!

This photo is for Jay.

I counted 11 chicks with 2 hens! Suprisingly these little babies can fly already!

Cade, while waiting for me to finish dinner, got his toy plate, cup, and spoon, buckled himself into his chair and pretended to eat. I felt bad and gave him some water and fresh peas.

Playing is so hard...

So is relaxing...

Last Thursday, Eve got a new trick.

I just sat her on the floor and she had it. She is now only happy if she is sitting up!

The Wonder Horse!

How to call a cat

Thank god we have the nicest cat in the world. She puts up with anything from the kids and still loves them and wants to be near them.

If I can sit, I can golf, right?