Monday, July 9, 2007

The kids, Wanda, and I headed up to the cabin before the 4th. Cade spent the whole day in his swimsuit. He jumped off the dock, scooped dirt, splashed, threw balls, and had a blast.
Eve tried to eat the dirt all afternoon while watching her brother.

The sleeping ducks. Cade wanted them to "fly up".

The Engelson's came to visit again.

Cade tried to convince Matt to come into the pool.

On the 3rd, we went to my folks house to watch fireworks.

I couldn't help but notice our festive appetizers.

Cade and Jillian played outside for most the evening.

About 9:30, trying to stay awake to see his first 4th of July fireworks.

Hopefully he enjoyed it. Unfortunately Eve was in bed around 7 and missed to whole thing.

I found some photos of our 4th of July last year. I can't believe how fast kids and stomachs grow

We went to visit Jay and Melissa and their son, Justin.


After promising we'd go to the zoo for about a week, we finally made it last Friday.

We went to see the new Sparky show.

Cade was entranced the whole time.

I was disappointed that the new Sparky can't blow a horn.

Eve was there too.

We went to Como Town. I tried to get Cade to go on a real ride, and he just screamed "No!" So he finally agreed to a quarter ride and had a lots of fun.

This is what happens when I tell Cade to put mommy's robe and Eve's hat away.

Not to be out done by Eve's new found talents, Dad taught Cade a few new tricks this week.

How to dunk Oreos

and how to clean a carboy.

The house is coming along well.


Does anybody notice the green crayon all over his face?
Don't nurse a baby to sleep when your child has crayons in a different room, this could have been MUCH worse.