Wednesday, July 25, 2007


About two weeks ago, I packed up the kids and we headed to Duluth to bud in on Chris, James, and Jillian's vacation. We stay in a hotel with a waterpark, and after a few minutes of checking it out, Cade loved most of it! The splash pool he wanted NOTHING to do with after seeing a huge bucket of water splash all over the kids every five minutes or so. But, the vortex pool, regular pool, and lazy river were all hits!

Eve didn't do much swimming. It was so hot and humid in the pool area, she would pretty much fall right asleep!

Turtle walk!


They had balls in the water! PERFECT!!

The vortex pool

Relaxing in the hotel room.

The next day, we headed out the Lake Superior, and went on the Vista Cruise harbor tour.

Eve's first boat ride.

Just finishing up throwing rocks in the lake!

Watching the "HUGE" boats come in

Doesn't this look dangerous...

Cade and Eve were worn out after the trip. But the next morning we went to see Grandpa play guitar in Anoka.

And the day after that, we went to Jillian's Birthday Party. Or as Cade calls it, "Happy Cake Day"

Cade had the death grip on the side of the Barbie Jeep the whole time Jilly drove him around! (I would too, she ran him into a couple of bushes!)

Practicing driving!

On Cade's last ride, the jeep ran out of batteries...

so the girls pushed him home!



Cade's stash!

Even the dog got to get in on it!

Eve was happy playing with grandma's watch.

and in the grass!

Cade was happy with rocks,

So happy in fact that he asked for rocks for his birthday.

And we delivered! (though a few weeks early)

(They get put in the ground in a day or two)

Sometime in these last few weeks Cade hit the terrible two's. He wants to be independent but all the choices overwhelm him. He acts so grown up sometimes that its hard to remember he's not even two yet!! I hope this phase passes quickly. It is so hard to see him frustrated with simple things.
Eve on the other hand is just a happy baby. She smiles, laughs, and waves at just about anything. We are still trying to get her to get something out other than a scream or a laugh. One of these days she will get her ba's and goo's!
She had a check-up last week. She is still off the charts for height- over 28" tall!! and 16 lbs 13oz. (70%).