Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We've done a lot of things this last week, but I misplaced my camera since I last uploaded photos.
You'll have to use your imagination. We spent Saturday evening at Michael's house. Eve got to "play" with another baby her age, and Cade just got to be cute and impress people.
On Sunday, we all went to the Anoka County Fair. Our hope was to see the Demo Derby, but by the time it was scheduled to start it was too hot and the kids were tired out. We still had fun looking at animals and rides.
On Monday, the kids and I went to the Minnesota Zoo with Chris and Jillian. They had special treats for the animals because of the heat, so a news crew was out filming. Apparently the kids were on the news, we just never figured out what channel. Cade got to see the bird show and the dolphin show! (Usually he is too tired to make it to both).
We came home that evening to find out that Cade and Eve have another girl COUSIN!!
Today we spent the morning swimming with Jillian in her pool and getting rides in her Barbie Jeep.
Progress is going well on the house. We've gotten high enough with the siding that we are using scaffolding now. Almost all the windows are trimmed, I get a garage door on Thursday, and next Monday the lower level walls get built. I think Cade is going to miss the open lower floor. He can ride a trike around pretty easily on the concrete and doesn't have to steer too well.