Sunday, August 12, 2007

No, this is not a repeat...

Last week we went to the zoo, again! Can you ever have too much zoo?
Jim, Abby, Joe, and Great Grandma came down for a long weekend. We had a nice cookout on Sunday with them.

Helping Joe carry water to boil the corn.

Why are you over there mommy?...

Cade's favorite game, "here comes the bee from the barn to the house to get you!" until later that day a bee actually got him three times.

Eve watching the goats at the zoo.

Cade did lots of things he never would do before at the zoo...

Pet the goats...

Go through all the big dark tunnels...

Ride the Monorail. (Actually we don't do that because I'm too cheap!)

Grandma had to put Eve's toes in the fountain

How Cade eats broccoli

Eve got a new trick this week

She finally got a new sound!!