Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We've been having some great summer weather and the kids have been loving it. For Father's Day we had a great picnic dinner outside, went back to our house for dessert and then the kids got a Bug ride!

A few days ago I took the kids outside and taught Cade how to use my reflector.

Here is his first attempt trying to fill the light in on Eve's right side! Looks pretty good to me, next week will have to work on diffusing the harsh sunlight...

He wanted to do it to himself, but it was TOO BRIGHT!

On Friday, Grandpa R was playing at a carnival, so the kids and I, and Chris and Jillian met up with Grandma R and listened to music, rode rides, played games, and ate junk food!

Somehow I always get suckered into going on the super jerky kid roller-coasters with Jillian...

We then headed over to a park to wear off some sugar induced energy

That night Cade got to go "camping" in the backyard with Dad! I think it was the highlight of his summer so far! He got to stay up late, bring his flashlight outside, sleep in a sleeping bag, and listen to all different types of sounds. He LOVED it!

A few house updates: Outside only. We are growing grass, slowly...and starting to do a little landscaping.

I'll post some inside photos soon. All the doors are trimmed, the floor has its finish on, windows are almost ready, and we get our Certificate of Occupancy on MONDAY! And yes, we will be moving in and finishing the rest while we are there!


Mark J. Doddato said...

thats so great!
Carter always tries to pick up my gear bags, or push my speedotron packs...
crazy kids!!

lowefamily said...

gah, your house is GORGEOUS!

the camping sounds like so much fun. :D

Bobbe said...

I am a visitor, I hope that you don't mind! I love your pictures. How do you take such great pictures of your children?