Tuesday, May 27, 2008

While storms hit at home we spent a beautiful Memorial weekend up at the farm and Aunt Karen's for Cassie's graduation party.
Everything went great except the fact that the car seats are now permanently separated....

Of course we had to stop at the cabin first for some water wading!

When we got to the farm the kids had to greet the dog first.

Cade finally got ice cream from Jimmy's ice cream machine again...

and Abby force fed him cotton candy...

Later Eve was forced to try some as well...

We then headed to Cassie's Grad party, where they had tons of stuff for the kids-
A sand box (and more trucks than they knew what to do with!! aka HEAVEN)


A trampoline!

All of us had so much fun and wish we didn't have to drive home that evening. We figured the kids would have been out as soon as they got in the car, but instead, they both kept us company the whole 4 hour car ride home. (They maybe each slept 20 mins...!)