Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why, oh WHY is it that the kids get sick whenever something big is happening. I'm not talking about just the holiday's, but if I have something planned, you better believe that one or both will get sick.
The week started with both of them having small colds, which were really not too bad- though Eve sounded like a dying cat- and ended with an ear infection for Cade and a double ear infection for Eve. Please don't even ask how the trip to the doctor's office went or it will end with a huge political rant as to why I am voting for a democrat.
It was a bad week to be sick with Mike, Dorie and the cousin's in town. Cade and Eve missed out on getting to know their two cousins as well as a lot fun with them. But we did have a great time when we were with them-probably because just about everyone else was sick too!

Of course we had to try for the group shot of all the cousins...My kids never cooperate, this time it was Eve who wouldn't sit still.

Notice Cade's face as we get towards the end...

These three stayed to cuddle for a while after the photo shoot!

We had a big dinner to celebrate Mike's birthday before they headed home to Connecticut. It was suppose to be outside but it was snowing or raining or cold, or something... (I'm not paying attention to the weather anymore until I can wear a tank top for a week straight.)
I have no idea what is going on in this photo but

When we were eating cake, Madeline got COVERED in frosting and ice cream! It was adorable, but for the life for me, every time I went to take a photo something like this happened...

Or this...(proof even the photographer was sick as well, right?!)

The day after they left, the kids and I went on a big bike ride with Grandma and Grandpa R. and ended at a park. (Yes, Cade does live in the sweatshirt! It is his all time favorite at the moment.)

The nice big brother waiting to help Eve slide down the big slide in his lap...

Oh wait, he just put her there so he could push her down by herself...(thank god she is a dare devil too and doesn't mind)

The kids are so used to the big kid swings that they weren't quite sure about the toddler swings anymore. Unfortunately the"big" swings at this park were way too far off the ground, so they had to be in these.

Perhaps another reason why we named him Trash?...