Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The kids still aren't 100% up to par. They've both been acting up a little (aren't they just supposed to lay in bed when they are sick?) so we've been doing everything possible to keep them busy and their minds on not feeling sick. I'm not sure how well it is working, but they are having fun, and that is all that counts.
Last Friday I took them to the Como zoo. I purposely forgot the stroller at home and made them both walk. Everyone marveled at my perfect little kids walking around the zoo holding my hands. (Especially those moms with their 7 year olds still in strollers...) They were actually perfect at the zoo. Cade asked so many questions about every animal that it just blew me away. Eve had a great time really being able to see the animals and not at the mercy of where I pointed her in a stroller like she usually is. We even had some excitement on the tropical trail! As we were watching the Sloth, she decided to come down from her tree, something she has never done before. She is not fenced in so before we knew it she was coming down the path. No one seemed to care till I grabbed one of the workers, within a minute the whole area was surrounded with security. Someone told me sloths come down from the trees to go to the bathroom about once every three months, so who knows what was going on. We left just in case they had to do something to the sloth I didn't want the kids to see. We had a picnic lunch in the park and enjoyed the nice day. (No photos, my hands were busy)
Andrew also put a rocket together for Cade because he is in love with all things rockets right now. We had a great time launching it off...

Yes, that is where our rocket ended up...We are now waiting for a windy day.

The Saturday before Mother's day, I headed out with my mom and sister and Andrew was in charge. It was total mayhem. They ate dinner outside, in a tent, in the rain. They LOVED it.

We've also been lucky enough to have some nice weather lately so the kids have been outside a lot. I hope all the fresh air gets the little funk out their systems and back to normal!

He's up to 50lbs. now...(he was 43 when we got him a month ago)


CanCan said...

Wow, these pictures made me want to go buy a rocket to show my 3-year-old!

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