Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Before it decided to SNOW again, we had a beautiful week. The kids were outside all day, everyday...even eating outside as much as possible. I'm not even taking photos of the snow anymore because I refuse to believe it can snow a week before MAY. But, speaking of snow-cold, blowing snow-Andrew ran a 10K in the middle of all of it, in 50 minutes! I would think all the snow and wind would help you run very fast!

Trash takes on a turkey...

He needs some training...

I leave the porch open and Trash does very well to stay put, but the kids love to go in an visit. I caught Genevieve sneaking him cat food the other day.

And of course his bed is about the coolest place...

Our picnic lunch the other day

Yes, that is Genevieve swinging all by herself on a big kid swing...she learns fast.
(Sorry about the camera strap, it was insanely windy)

I'm sure she'll learn to do this next week!

Cade loves that he can climb trees now!


The perfect chair

Another good chair!

This is the naughty corner. Genevieve is a little young for it, but when Cade gets in trouble this is where he has to go. The other day, Genevieve hit Cade on the head, and I told her she was "naughty". She got up and sat herself down in the naughty corner. She understands EVERYTHING...

Cade's bikes:

On Friday, Mike, Dorie, Madeline and Catherine came into town. The cousins played together like they've been playing together their whole lives. It was so much fun to see!

The next morning we had breakfast at Chris's house.

I never thought I would see my brother doing this.

Cade fanning Dorie

Catherine telling Cade, "don't even think about fanning me..."