Thursday, April 17, 2008

Besides getting a dog, we have been pretty busy this last month.
Cade got to go on his on little vacation at the beginning of the month up to farm. Just him, Grandma Wanda and Gail headed up north for a one night trip that turn into a two night trip on account of about 12-16" of snow!! He had a blast jumping on trampolines with dogs (something he already asked me to get for Trash), playing in the snow, watching Grandpa Buzz's tractor pull out Gail's van, and hanging out with all the cousins! Eve and I had a "girls" weekend. She really brought out a vocal personality without Cade around!
Andrew and I have been busy staining doors and trim while Bill is doing all the little jobs that take way too much time and I'm glad I'm not doing! The electrician was in and finished and we should have the plumber finish next week as well. Then it is up to us! I just keep say to myself, "window trim, door trim, stairs, then we're in...." But then I have to start paying a mortgage...
Here is some random cuteness from the last week...enjoy!

I hate to think of what would happen if we lost this doll...

Watching deer

Dad's shoes

He wears his shoes, why not one of his many Ipod's

A good run down the hill!

She can climb the slide by herself now!

I still cannot believe he is only 5 months...he is HUGE!

Where our poor cat, Cale has been hanging out lately...(since Saturday)

Our house looks good in Spring!