Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is there such a thing as cute Trash?

Meet Trash! The newest member of the family. Part German Shepard, part Husky, maybe some Collie (don't see it) and probably some bear. His paw print is like nothing I have ever seen...and he is only 5 months old!
So far he is very mellow for a puppy. He hung out with us all weekend while we worked at the house, happy just to be around us, sitting in the sun on his new bed, chewing a bone. He plays great, enjoyed his runs with me, and loves to have Cade lay on him. He is great with the kids, though his size does intimidate Eve a bit.
Some may think Trash is not an acceptable name for a dog, let me explain...A few days before we got the dog I had showed Cade some photos of him on the internet and told him to think of a new name. A couple days later, I went to get Cade up from his nap and he was so excited. I asked him what he was so thrilled about, and he said,
"Mama, I know what I want to name the dog, I dreamed about it all nite long!!"
I told him that was great and asked him what is was.
So filled with enthusiasm he said, "TRASH!"
I laughed and asked why, he told me he wanted to name him like Trash Gordon on Sesame Street, (For those who don't know, Oscar reads a chapter from "The Adventures of Trash Gordon" at the end of every show) but "without the Gordon". How could I say no!!


aaron said...

i love trash