Friday, April 4, 2008

The kids and I have had a pretty busy week. All the carpet is in, except on the east stairs! We've been busy moving stuff over all to get those windows trimmed!
Cade, Genevieve, and I braved the MN zoo last Friday, it was a nice day and busier than I've ever seen it! We even made a first trip to Chuck E Cheese, which was a little disappointing for me (I miss the huge muppet things that played music) but the kids like it and had a great time. We had Jillian with who gladly showed Cade around! The Spring weather I've been dying for is finally here and since its going to be so nice this weekend (something I never expected) I'm still trying to decide if I want to run a 5k tomorrow. Help me decide!

I'm also trying to decide what the heck to do on the front of the bar. Andrew thinks tile, but I think it needs to be more durable with kids kicking and what not...Any ideas???

So happy to have carpet in his room!!

Snow one day, swing the next...

Yes, he is trying to knock her down; No, he was wasn't going big enough at all!

Our "after the art" project!


lowefamily said...

jason says porcelain tile (even if it chips the color usually goes through). or small mosaic tiles.