Friday, March 14, 2008

New York

Andrew and I made our way to and from New York this past week. We left the kids in good care with the Grandma's and Grandpa's. All I know is that they went to McDonald's and went sledding which seemed to be the highlights for Cade!

As soon as we landed in New York we ran to the Airtrain, then ran to the subway, then ran through Grand Central and made the 12:07 train to New Haven by about 1 minute. We spent the rest of the day in CT with Mike, Dorie and our two beautiful nieces, Madeline and Catherine.

I told Madeline to stick in her tongue out in all the photo...she did!

Monday morning we got up early and headed to New York. We had breakfast in Grand Central and then started walking, which is pretty much what we did all week. WALKED (and went record shopping)...
Central Park-

Later that day we head to the MOMA, checked out our hotel, and then met up with Justin for lunch. Afterwards I finally got to head back to Polaroid to see Jen.

The next day we headed downtown and began walking again.
Looking at the Statue of Liberty in Battery Park

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Then we met up with Justin again, it was his birthday so the evening began around noon...

Taking a break in our room.

It was also the nite of my show at Grace, which looked good, but was interesting to say the least. I forgot to take any photos of the show, but I am hoping I can convince someone at the school to send me a few. Everyone I wanted to see (except Beth, an intern from polaroid...) came to the opening.

Gabe and Jen.

On Wednesday I was too tired to even think about taking a photo. We walked up into the park again, saw Gabe's studio, and headed to Brooklyn with Justin for the nite.
The next morning we grabbed bagels and headed to the airport. The trip went way to fast, but at least the kids didn't hate us when we got home.
Things are already back to normal.


lowefamily said...

what an awesome trip. I hope we can get away like that some day.

kk said...

I wish I was there!