Friday, October 5, 2007

We started SERIOUS potty training last week and Cade caught on really quick. Probably because at first he got a new matchbox car AND chocolate everytime he did anything...we are bad parents sometimes...
He is now offically "pee" trained, but still won't poop for us. At least instead of going in his underwear he asks for diaper. So that is our challenge next week. But he is doing great, he is even waking up from nite time and naps dry! Yay Cade!

We've been having a lot of rain lately, so I finally let Cade go out and play in the puddles...

At first I think he was in shock that I was actually LETTING him play in the puddles...

But he got the hang of it real quick!

Eventually he ended up striping out of his boots and coat, and later his pants..

We brought home some hay bales the other day and Grandpa showed Cade how to climb to the top while Dad showed him how to throw it!

Cade making bubble gloves while I mop.

A Cade masterpiece. (Mom drew the mane in)

The only way to play guitar

How Genevieve, Cade and Jillian play piano together.

And what happens when I walk out of the room for two seconds.

We went to the zoo on on of the non-rainy days.

We always have to sit on the turtle

Eve loves getting out of the stroller and looking at the fish. I think she could do this all day.

New animal exhibit?