Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now that Genevieve is standing, it is about all she wants to do.

Especially when she doesn't want to sleep!

Notice the lucky land of the large can!


Wishing they could go outside on their own..

Cade has gotten very good at catching toads.

He is always finding them back at the house. I'm always amazed how gentle he is with them.

On Thursday, Andrew's work had a picnic at French Meadow park.
Almost every employee has kids right around Cade's age so it was really geared for them. They had a reptile show that he loved. He had to touch everything 3 or 4 times and then run up to me and tell me if they were sticky or slimy...never mind that he catches these things all the time!

Even Genevieve got to check out the turtles.


The park had an awesome playground. It was pretty much all cargo nets so Cade could climb like crazy. It was really well enclosed so no matter how high he went we didn't have to worry.

I think Cade could have stayed there all day!
They had tire swings, sand diggers, huge slides, and tunnels. It was a dream come true for him!