Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, we haven't dropped off the face of the planet, yet! But since I have posted in, well, 2 months, prepare yourself for a lot of photos. We'll start with the most recent and work our way back!

Last weekend Andrew and I took the kids to the Edgewater Water park in Duluth. We had planned to start the day at the aquarium and then swim, but because we got such a late start we just grabbed lunch, checked in early, attempted a nap, then swam till well past bedtime.

Pizza dinner on the floor!

This was at probably 6 in the morning. We woke to Eve helping Cade go to the bathroom-there was no sleeping after that!

Except an attempt by Daddy.

After we packed up and started driving, I gave the kids some animal crackers- they didn't even make it to Eve's mouth before she fell asleep! Cade was out 5 minutes later.

The weather has been pretty nice lately too! So the kids have been enjoying being able to play outside for more than 5 minute at a time! We spent an afternoon making forts, following deer trails, rolling down hills, and teasing the dog.

King of the mountain!

We celebrated Chris's birthday a few weekends ago. I love having all the cousins together to play- Though this time I set up a huge "art" table with markers, crayons, playdoh, and more, so that hopefully they could play "quietly" together rather than just run around-which eventually happened!!

Yes, we still have Trash. An though sometimes he is a little hyper, he does have his moments where he loves laying with the kids and lets them (I mean Eve) get away with anything!

Yes, I actually let them do this...

And how could I forgot, Eve turned 2 at the beginning of the year!
Her prized possession: The Hut Baby

Just waiting for the party to start!

We had an ice cream social for her party. Even her Godmother Briana came down to celebrate!
(Speaking of birthday's I just ran across Thank you letters that I wrote, but obviously NEVER sent out! Maybe we'll combine them with another holiday! But Thank you, Eve loved all her presents from a new Grandma Jean pillow case to Money to new books and games!! THANKS!)

And here is Cade's view of the world in the last few weeks! Funny half the photos on his camera were taken when he should have been sleeping...