Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween preparations...Genevieve found a pirate wig and lived in it for a day. Maybe next year...

On Halloween we headed to Jilly's school for a parade. Then we were off to the Zoo for trick or treating!
Cade, my orangutan, had fun pretending to eat Genevieve all evening.
They came up with their costumes by themselves. Cade said he wanted to be a monkey again, and Eve looked right at me and said "Nana!" Then Cade said, "Yeah and I can eat her!"

They all had to touch the snake.

On Sunday we got to celebrate Madeline's 3rd birthday at Adventure Park!
The kids played, ate pizza, cake and ice cream and had a great time!

After a much needed nap, Genevieve got her first motorcycle ride and she was WAY into it, which kind of scares me. I thought she'd just want a little ride around the yard, but they went up and down the road and apparently she was yelling "faster, faster"...Hmmm...


The Popes said...

Oh my gosh! Their costumes are too cute! I was eyeballing that bananna costume at Pottery Barn Kids and hoping to grab one during clearance time!

How old in Genevive? She is so beautiful!

Becca said...

Thanks for sharing those fun pictures!

lowefamily said...

I'm not sure if you receive email notification, so I wanted to tell you I responded on my blog with the brownie mound recipe. :)