Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So, the kids have pretty much been going NON-STOP for over a week now. We've slowed down now that the weekend is over, but we've definitely tired them out!
Last Sunday we headed to the Anoka County Fair to watch the Demo Derby, see some animals, and eat junk food.

After the fair we headed to the Grandparent's house to wear off some cotton candy induced energy.

We've had many pool days because it has been so warm and humid out. I'm not quite sure why she puts the bucket on her head, but if there is a bucket around, it is usually on her head.

Thea, Rob, and Matt came into town. We got to take Matt's senior photos, so Cade got into full photographer mode practicing on his sister...

On the walk to take photos, Eve had enough of being Cade's model, she picked up a stick and began chasing him.

We even got to go to the ZOO with Aunt Gail! They loved the animals, but the ice cream was the BEST part!

The next day was Andrew's work picnic. The kids had a blast goofing around, eating, going in the bouncy castle and dumping water on people's heads...(I'm so sorry, but everyone egged Cade on and I just couldn't stop him. Thank goodness he's cute!)

Then, the NEXT day, my somehow relative (I'm not good with genealogy) Chris came into town and it was uncle Jame's birthday. Time to party again! Of course the kids had a blast playing and eating.

Needless to say, they have slept very well this last week. They must think I am terribly boring so far this week!


AudreyO said...

Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm finally getting a chance to read all of the blogs from the bloggy carnival and loving what I'm finding.

Wow, you've been busy. We love the fair. The fair where I live is really small. We'll drive down to Los Angeles once in a while for their fair, which of course is HUGE!! Great photos.

BrineS said...

Looks like FUN at the fair!

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CanCan said...

Phew. This makes me feel worn out!

It also made me remember the horrible night my son ate 2 entire cotton candy (poofs?) all by himself. He is 3. I didn't know my parents had already bought him one, and I bought him a second one to eat in the car on the way home!!!!!