Monday, July 21, 2008

The day before we moved in I took the kids out to the field to take photos. I've never seen the grass so high and thick. Luckily the bugs weren't to bad so the kids had fun picking and smelling all the wild flowers while I snapped away!

This kids on their first morning in the house. They've already developed their little routines. Cade has to pick out his outfits in his new low shelf closet. Genevieve has to kiss Cade before going to sleep. And many many more.

Fourth of July weekend we went up to the cabin for a day. EVERYONE was there! Eve got her first boat ride, and spent the whole day in the water with Cade and Jilly.

Grandma warming up the little water bug! (Can you tell where Eve gets all her looks from! Don't they look like twins!)

Jilly beans birthday party!

Daddy changing a diaper...check out her face!

I know, it is dark, but I hate using a flash at a museum. We took the kids to the Science Museum this weekend and saw Star Wars. Eved love the Jawa, C-3PO, and the Wampa-who she could have stared at all day! Cade love the whole thing and though all the interactive parts were great!

Andrew's big ping pong tournament. Unfortunately all my hard training still didn't turn up a win this year!

Summer has been going by too fast, and we've been very busy; Going to all the street fairs, playing with the kids, trying to find time to work on the house (we still have windows to do). So far it has been great!
Summer isn't official unless there has been a little mishap. Last year we had Andrew's knee, this summer Eve accidentally touch the hot motorcycle and burned her left hand. It was very scary for me because I was around the same age when I burned my hand and arm badly. (I got to have a sock on my arm all summer!) Luckily hers wasn't as bad as it could have been and she is being great about keeping her bandages on, but I can tell it hurts her a lot. She has learned how to do things with one hand pretty quickly. (It is actually really cute, I will go to help her and she kind of pushes me out of the way and gives me the "I can do it" look.) More importantly she's d
efinitely learned the meaning of "hot things burn".


Lilith Silvermane said...

#1 Thank you for entering the Natural products giveaway.

#2 What amazing pictures you take. What kind of camera do you use?

#3 That place your husband is practicing ping pong in is awesome, I love the artwork in the background!

What a beautiful family!
Thanks for sharing

forgetfulone said...

What beautiful photos! Everything looks like so much fun. Love the tall grass with the kids, especially.

Thanks for entering my giveaway.