Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well, I am officially an exhibiting New York artist.
I never considered my show at the New York Studio Program an exhibition (it was up for 24 hours...) so I never really considered myself to have had a piece shown in New York. On March 3, I will have a piece up in the Grace Institute Museum for a show centered around women's work. It is a small step and I am hoping I can take the excitement and momentum and continue making and showing work...something I haven't done for a little while now!

Some house updates:
The kitchen is coming together, though since Andrew and I are having no trim around the cabinets, it is taking a little bit more time to get everything aligned and opening properly! Here it is with almost all the cabinets up! We will get the hood on Wednesday and probably finish up then!

I get really excited whenever doors get put in!

Dog kisses...


The Silly Wagon said...

I wanted to let you know that you won The Silly Wagon Wall Graphics Giveaway, but I could never connect to your email link :(
Please email me at sillywagon@gmail.com
within 24 hours so I can get your contact info from you, otherwise, sadly, I will have to go to the runner-up.

lowefamily said...

what kind of countertops are you putting in?