Monday, January 7, 2008

More photo overload!

Happy Birthday doll.

We spent last weekend up at the farm for Christmas! Andrew and I learned a valuable lesson about 4 hour car rides and our kids..err...Genevieve- let her wear off energy before we go next time. We packed up and left right after breakfast, Eve pretty much screamed the whole way up! She wanted nothing to do with being strapped in! So, we got to the farm, no sleep, a little stressed, but the kids did great. All the commotion, new people, and toys kept them entertained all day.

They both had fun getting harassed by Leroy (and all the uncles)

About half the family fit into the porch this year!

After opening presents and eating all day, we headed to a hotel room for the nite. The INSTANT we put the kids in the car they were out! Once we got to the hotel room they had to check it out for a little while, but crashed all nite once they went to bed!

After breakfast we took the kids to the pool. Eve is such a water baby and would probably have just jumped in herself.

Cade was so excited about swimming only to be a little scared at first. He kept the death grip on dad for awhile, but pretty soon was jumping in and having a great time!

We headed back to the farm and had to check out the cows!
First Cade wanted to get some hay to feed them-

He could have stayed there all day-

Opps. Sorry Andrew...

We left the farm that afternoon, the ride home was much better than the ride up. (Though we thought Cade would sleep but he stayed awake talking to us the whole way home!)
We had a quiet New Years and got some more work done on the house. And, before you know, we have A ONE YEAR OLD!

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone, and all the great things that have happened.
(Started the house, Andrew's new job, I got a teaching job, the smartest 2 year old alive, on and on...)
We had cupcakes on Genevieve's actual birthday and let her open a present from us.

Cade was way more into the cake than her.

On Sunday we had her big party, but before everyone got there Andrew and Cade made a snowman, and Genevieve got her first snowmobile ride!

Well rested and ready for a party!

Eve really thought eating like this was the best!

A little birthday Wii action.

She is an old pro at opening presents!

At one point she even had to climb on top of one to open it!!

The boys putting together her chair!

She loves this thing!!

She had three bites of cake, then threw it...

Cade, again, got way more into the cake than her!

A little birthday rock and roll