Sunday, October 28, 2007

Andrew was scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday but complications arose, and it was postponed. After spending half the day trying to figure out what the heck was going on, and being too late to go into work, we did what any good parents would do: Go to the zoo!
(It was great, no one was there!)

We were told it is very rare for the tiger to sit up next to the window.

Just as exciting as the animals:



The next night, we fired up the Greenwood (our furnace) for the first time!

On Saturday Andrew and the kids headed to the Anoka Halloween parade!

Monkey #1 (refused to wear his costume)

Monkey #2 (had no choice)

I met up with them after running my first 5k with Chris!!!
(29:58- not bad for a first time!)

Sunday we celebrated Grandma's birthday!

Cade entertaining us at the dinner table.


Of course we had to buy Guitar Hero on Sunday!


Andrew has his surgery on Monday, so send good thoughts for a speedy recovery!!