Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FROM THE MAN IN made me smile

The plumber will be working early next week and LeRoy will put the
underfloor conduit in. Connexus can then install your electrical
service. After that the concrete guys will level out the floor and we
will insulate it and put down a vapor barrier. Then comes the infloor
heat followed by the floor slab. We then buy a garage door. Once the
floor slab is in, Brad will do the interior walls. After that,
electrical and plumbing will be installed in the walls and then we can
hang the drywall on the upstairs ceilings. Then comes the air
conditioning ductwork and heat exchanger. Then the insulator can do the walls and ceilings. The drywall is then installed, taped and painted
followed by cabinets, trim and finishes. During this time we will be
working on the exterior siding, trim and paint. The sewer can be put in
after the floor is poured.
Piece of cake. It will be done before you know it.