Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cade had a quick check up the other day. He is 37" talls and 25lbs...I think thats how much he weighed at 18 months! He is a perfect little boy. His talking is amazing, and every day he repeats more and more of what I say. He is even starting to use sentences. He's always been great at communicating, it is just amazing how fast they learn. The other day at breakfast Cade pointed to his new molar and said "Ow". It is nice to know what exactly is bothering him. He has also taken to calling us "Mommy" and "Daddy" instead of Mama and Dada. And he also enjoys calling his Daddy, "Andrew". He picked it up one nite when I was calling for Andrew to grab his pj's while he was in the bath. I started yelling "Andrew" and before I knew it, Cade was too. Andrew has been trying to teach him "Patti" luckily he just shakes his head NO and says "Mommy"!!
Genevieve is also quite the talker. She coo's at anyone who smiles at her, but still doesn't stay in a good mood for long if Mom's not around. She is pretty much sleeping through the nite, which we are very grateful for, though every once in awhile she suprises us at 2:00am!

Genevieve doesn't hate tummy time, she just finds it incrediably boring, half the time she puts her head down and tries to fall asleep.

Any day now she'll find her thumb

The other day Cade grabbed the yard stick out of the closet and started riding it like a horse, I have no idea where he learned this from!